How To Get Stone Dust And Stone Brick In V Rising

There are several early game resources that you will want to get your hands on in V Rising. Most of these resources are able to be sourced rather easily, with the game giving you tutorials on how to acquire them. However, there is a smaller batch of materials that are more challenging to find on the map. Stone dust and stone brick are two such materials, which can be an issue when trying to expand your castle. The materials are a key ingredient in the crafting process of whetstones, which are, in and of themselves, a difficult resource to find throughout V Rising.

A majority of players will actually come across stone dust and stone brick fairly early on in V Rising. The resources can appear as a drop by knocking down stone pillars or other similar objects. Although, it’s unclear exactly where the stone dust and bricks came from, leading players to ask where exactly they can make some of their own. We explain it all in a step-by-step guide below.

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Crafting stone dust and stone brick

The first and really only requirement to craft stone dust and stone brick in V Rising is to build a Grinder. This is a station that can be built inside of your base relatively early on in the game. The Grinder will have its own mission associated with it, so you don’t have to worry about missing its recipe. Once the Grinder has been built, which requires you to have 8 planks, 4 whetstones, and 4 copper ingots. The whetstones present the biggest trouble, but you can visit Bandit Strongholds in Farbane Woods to easily loot them.

With the ingredients in hand, open the Build menu to construct the Grinder somewhere in your base. When it’s placed, approach it and hit “E” to enter its menu. Here, you’ll see a similar interface to that of the Sawmill or the Furnace. To produce stone dust, all you need to do is place stone from your inventory into the Grinder’s “input” boxes. If your castle is currently being powered by a Castle Heart, then the Grinder will begin to turn the stone into stone dust. After some time passes, the stone dust will appear on the “output” side of the Grinder’s interface. During this process, you’ll also receive one stone brick. You will need 12 stone to produce one stone dust and one stone brick.

If you don’t want to craft the materials, then you can always try using your mace to known down stone pillars, rocks, or other objects out in the wilderness. This can often lead to a modest amount of stone dust and brick dropping along with the regular stone. Both materials can also be found in chests and buildings throughout the world. With both materials, you have the opportunity to build new objects in your castle as well as craft whetstones by yourself.

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