Anna Kendrick Had to Be ‘Rescued’ After Elevator Malfunction at TIFF

Anna Kendrick was truly trapped at the 2022 Toronto International Film Festival, thanks to a faulty elevator.

The “Alice, Darling” actress shared an Instagram video of being stuck in an elevator on the way to her film’s premiere and press conference.

“Ah, the classic ‘I’m behind schedule at this film festival because I had to be rescued from an elevator’ excuse #TIFF22,” Kendrick joked in the caption.

“Pitch Perfect” co-star Brittany Snow commented, “love u and this scary AF docu series” while fellow alum Anna Camp wrote, “Oh my god!!!!”

Director Paul Feig added, “Oh my god! Anna! You are a rockstar.”

Kendrick later told Entertainment Weekly she simply “got in the wrong elevator at the wrong time” and had to be rescued by “lovely” Canadian firefighters.

“I got out. Some lovely Canadian firefighters had me crawl out the top of the hatch,” Kendrick said. “But, yeah, it was, like, seven of us in an elevator just waiting to be rescued by firefighters. It was so absurd that it would happen on a film press tour that it just seemed so immediately comical.”

She added, “I couldn’t stop cracking jokes. Although, maybe that’s a defense mechanism. Come on, Anna. Do you know anything about yourself? I think that was probably a defense mechanism. Oh no, I’m not healthy!”

Kendrick previously addressed the twisted love story at the center of “Alice, Darling” about an emotionally abusive and controlling relationship which her titular character is also trapped in.

“I was coming out of a personal experience with emotional abuse and psychological abuse,” Kendrick told People of when she first read the script, which “resonated” with her. “I think my rep sent it to me, because he knew what I’d been dealing with and sent it along. Because he was like, ‘This sort of speaks to everything that you’ve been talking to me about.’”

The “Love Life” star continued, “It felt really distinct in that I had, frankly, seen a lot of movies about abusive or toxic relationships, and it didn’t really look like what was happening to me. It kind of helped me normalize and minimize what was happening to me, because I thought, ‘Well, if I was in an abusive relationship, it would look like that.’”

Reflecting on “what really happened” during her past relationship proved to be “the hardest task of my adult life.”

“My body still believes that it was my fault,” she said. “So even with this concrete jumping off point for me, to walk out of that relationship knowing that I wasn’t crazy, it’s incredible the way that recovery has been so challenging.”

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